Before you start, are you eligible?

Here’s a quick checklist.

Is your solution at Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 6 & above?
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    Commercial ready prototype
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    Completed lab testing and ready to test in a live environment.
TRL is a method developed by NASA to estimate a technologies maturity. Need an example of how TRL works? Let us take you through.

Imagine you are designing a tyre for vehicles.
One day you’re at your lab, and you got an idea. To develop a synthetic rubber compound. You put this on a report and start investigating.
After investigation you concluded that the synthetic rubber can be used to create tyres that can be used for cars.
The rubber is tested in the lab for strength to prove that it’s suitable to be made into tyres.
You begin a sample of rubber to test in your lab durability if used as tyre.
You have created a prototype rubber on a wheel, close to a real tyre.
The tyre is now mounted on a wheel and tested on a rolling road.
The tyre is now assembled into a real vehicle and be tested on a real road.
The tyre is now certified safe to be used on the road.
The tyre has now been tested through a life cycle to ensure it is safe for use.
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